Why Gated Communities are better than Independent Apartments

It’s a question you’d find yourself asking every time you consider buying a brand new apartment. “Should I live in a gated community? Or move in to an Independent Apartment?”. While many may advise moving into more independent based apartments, today’s standards of living seek to change that notion.

When you think of a “gated” community, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The idea of exclusivity. The fact that these communities lie away from the city leaves a sort of mystery in the air about them. But in spite of the mystery that gated communities bring, there are a variety of benefits to consider about them, especially if you’re considering moving into one.

  1. High Level Security & Safety

The first and most obvious thing you’ll notice about gated communities is the fact that every single one of them consists of a security check at the very entrance. Whether you’re a resident of the apartment or just a guest paying a visit  you will always be greeted by security guards at the entrance of gate who oversee the check-ins and check-outs. While this may sometimes seem to be an annoyance for some, it’s seen as an obvious deterrent for would be thieves and vandals.

  1. A Closed Community

While we may have mentioned the word ‘mystery’ earlier, it’s quite far from the notion. Such apartments bring a much greater sense of community and brings about the socio-economic equality of the residents. This is specifically because the people living in these gated communities are quite like minded and value their safety and privacy. The overall environment is more controlled leading to a greater sense of awareness among the people living in it. This also results in a number of events such as parties, meetings and so on taking place for leisure purposes.

  1. Higher Value of Living

Gated communities today, are growing more and more popular in the eyes of would be house owners. This is specifically because such communities come equipped with a number of incredible amenities and advantages to add to the overall quality of living. Amenities such as kids play areas, swimming pools, gymnasiums, community halls, private parking spaces, sports facilities and even supermarkets only seek to add to the appeal of living in a gated community. With the presence of such amenities, leads to a more premium lifestyle thus making it worth every penny of your investment.

  1. No Clutter, No Noise

We’d earlier mentioned how gated communities seem like a mystery. This is because they’re situated in areas that are apart from the cityscape. Most gated communities are situated in areas that are rather peaceful and most importantly, quiet. This only adds to the quality of life as residents are no longer disturbed by the constant noise and clutter that can only be experienced staying deep within the city. This is further enhanced by the landscapes within these communities that are surrounded by greenery.

  1. Traffic and Regulated Speeds

Speaking on the point of noise and clutter, we also need to consider the traffic and speeds involved. Living in independent apartments can prove to be a detriment especially since roads are also independent. This is quite problematic when children are involved.Vehicles turning in from busy main roads into these residential roads, could make it unsafe for residents and children especially when they’re driving too fast. This is obviously not the case for gated communities since traffic is more regulated and organized making for a safer outcome overall.

There’s no doubting that gated communities hold a much greater value for living as compared to independent apartments these days. They offer a variety of benefits that can seem quite unparalleled when compared to independent apartments. If you’re looking to live in a more gated community, Habitat Ventures offers you that prospect with its two ongoing projects Habitat Iluminar, Near RVCE Mysore Road and Habitat Eden heights, Hoodi Circle, Whitefield.

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