How to Keep Your Home Cooler in The Summer

Bengaluru is an incredible city to live in. Being known for many things, one of them was how wonderful the climate has consistently been through the years. While still maintaining that status to some degree, the situation has changed over the recent years.

Admittedly, there was a time when air conditioners were considered a luxury. Today however, they’re considered a necessary commodity. The summers in Bengaluru today, can sometimes be quite unforgiving. 2017 was officially declared the hottest year the world has experienced and with 2018 said to be much hotter, Bengaluru has been no exception to that theory so far.

And with the temperature on the rise, residents need to resort to keeping their homes as cool as possible during the summer. Air conditioners can be a quick fix for that, but not everyone owns one and it can also cause a huge drain on your pocket. So with that in mind, here are some easy ways in which you can keep your room cooler in the summer.

  1. Cross Ventilate

This is quite a common method taken up. It’s also something you’ve definitely done in the past. When the conventional means just aren’t enough, you could consider strategically opening the windows in your room. You could find a draft coming in from one of the windows. Open that one up along with the one at the opposite end to let the draft flow through. This creates a cool flow of natural breeze to enter your home leaving the surrounding pretty cool.

  1. Time to Unclutter

If you haven’t been paying much attention to the surroundings in your home, chances are that you’ve probably let your rooms become more cluttered. This is understandable as you don’t always have the time to move things around. Books, newspapers, bags and furniture can sometimes make for an environment that’s quite stuffy. Best to get rid of unwanted clutter in your room to make it airier and free.

  1. Light It Up Right

It’s a bit of an understatement when people talk about how the lighting can also play a role in the overall temperature of the room. This is especially the case with incandescent lights. Not only do they consume more electricity thus, impacting your energy bills, but they also tend to radiate a considerable amount of heat thereby, making the environment just a little bit hotter. It’s best to have such lights replaced with much cooler LED bulbs or even CFLs.

  1. Allow Nature to Work

Believe it or not, but plants in your home can actually play a major role in regulating the temperature in addition to just the quality of air. Plants can sometimes act as conditioners and placing them strategically around the house can work wonders in effectively cooling it. Placing plants around the sunnier areas of the home can effectively grant you more shade. Making use of vines and shrubs along the stairs or even the balconies of your home can effectively help keep the environment cooler and purer in terms of air quality.

  1. Invest in Breathable Curtains

While it’s one thing to leave your windows and doors open, it’s not always the most feasible thing to do. Given that the summers can be harsh from time to time, it’s always best to keep your home as aired out as possible. Avoid investing in dark synthetic curtains as they make the surroundings warmer. You could actually opt for screens made of jute as they provide the perfect mix of shade and ventilation.

  1. Hack a fan instead of turning on the A.C.

Not even an air conditioner can give off a faux sea breeze, but this simple trick can. Fill a mixing bowl with ice (or something equally cold, like an ice pack), and position it at an angle in front of a large fan so the air whips off the ice in an extra-chilled, extra-misty state.


  1. Turn on your bathroom fans.

Or the exhaust fan in your kitchen, for that matter. Both pull the hot air that rises after you cook or take a steamy shower out of your house or apartment.

The summers can provide for some trying times, but with these hacks, they can certainly be made more pleasant. Are you looking to invest in a new home? Then why not invest in one from Habitat Ventures? Among a plethora of facilities, the homes are also buitl using porotherm blocks that help keep your home cooler during the summer and warm during winters.

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