Builders & Architect in Bangalore

RERA, the implementation of GST and several other reforms have made the situation of buying homes even more favorable for Buyers and Investors. If you are looking to book any of the ongoing projects or prelaunch projects, you would definitely be eager to know more about the developer. Here’s a brief story of how it all started:


Started by a pair of passionate Builders & Architect in Bangalore, Habitat Ventures have been delivering residential and commercial projects of impeccable standards matching those on international quality. Affordable premium homes has been a bit of a specialty for Habitat Ventures. The company, with its headquarters in Bangalore, within its 12 years, has completed 15 projects having constructed a total of 2.5million sq.ft. The numbers are steadily increasing as we speak.

With the best team on board, with years of diverse experience in launching and successfully delivering quality residential projects, Habitat Ventures have constantly managed to provide hundreds of people the homes of their dreams.

Punctuality Promise

Getting to know the timeline of the completed projects would help you understand Habitat’s timeliness in delivering projects which is one of the most crucial factors that any customer looks for when they buy a home.

Builders & Architect in Bangalore. Habitat has had a long history of having completed lifestyle apartments, premium residential projects, plotted developments and a wide variety of other real estate projects. This caters to the growing needs of the diverse population in Bengaluru.

Features of Habitat residential projects

  • Timely completion of the project and handover of the house is something that has been common with every project launched by Habitat Ventures.
  • Habitat is one of the pioneers in introducing the concept of villaments in Bangalore. This perfectly suits those who are looking for a spacious duplex, villa-like house which also combines the benefits of an apartment.
  • Habitat has won several awards and accolades for innovating and giving a fresh life to the real estate market in Bangalore.
  • Innovation in the design and construction and the wise choice of construction materials is something that makes the projects of Habitat stand out from others in the city.
  • One other aspect that people love is Habitat’s assurance of adopting eco-friendly concepts like solar lighting, waste management- organic waste converter and more.
  • Every house comes with an ample amount of natural lighting and ventilation. The houses are Vaastu-compliant too.
  • Safety is the factor that continues to be the core of Habitat projects. This is why you would find convenient piped LPG gas facilities for all the houses. The campuses are also monitored round the clock by the CCTV cameras.
  • The gated communities come with all world class amenities on campus including parks, jogging trails, swimming pool, and lots more

Ongoing projects

Builders & Architect in Bangalore. Habitat Ventures offers some of the very best ongoing projects in Bengaluru. Currently, there are great houses to choose from in Habitat Iluminar and Habitat Eden Heights.

  • Habitat Iluminar- 2, 2.5, 3 BHK premium homes located near RV College of Engineering, Mysore Road.
  • Habitat Eden Heights- 2.5, 3, 3.5 BHK premium homes located in Hoodi Circle, Whitefield

Builders & Architect in Bangalore. Habitat Eden Heights is located in East of Bengaluru in the prime location close to many and large IT hubs in the city. Meanwhile, Habitat Iluminar is strategically located in south-west of Bengaluru, located close to the Global Village Tech Park, Bangalore University & RVCE makes Iluminar a desirable project to invest in

Both the projects come equipped with state of the art infrastructure. The houses come with secure waterproofing solutions, top-notch plumbing work and sanitary fittings, and standard safe electrical work.

Why amenities are important in Real Estate projects

What really does a home buyer want from a community when a new home is bought? The answer to this question is something that changes by the day. Urbanization has resulted in the increase in utilization of available lands for home construction. This means that there is less space but more demand for residential complexes. This is why builders are now focusing on the best utilization of space and creating homes that come with a lot of amenities packed within the premises.

Gated communities aim at enhancing the community spirit in today’s busy world. Gated communities are preferred not just for the security they offer but also because they are almost self-sustained. But luxury home builders now have modernized gated communities a great deal and we now have a lot of high-end amenities included. But do all of them, really matter? One cannot deny that the number of amenities included would further increase the cost of the property.

The number of amenities that you really need would depend mainly on your lifestyle. Would you really find the time to make the best of all the available facilities or would it simply be an added expense when you buy a home. Unless you are willing to spend extravagantly, it would be a good idea to choose those communities that offer only those amenities that you really need.

Amenities that really matter to average residents:

  1. Children’s play area:

This is one thing that cannot be left out for those looking to move-in to a community with the family. When it comes to taking kids out, safety is of prime importance and what better than an in-house play park to ensure the kid’s safety as it would be only the community residents that use the play area. It would also be a convenient choice that would save parents a lot of time.

  1. Walking trails:

As job leaves no time for any other recreation, taking a stroll out in the walking area would be the only relief for most city dwellers. Having a lush garden area would make this even more pleasant. This would be particularly useful for those families moving in with the senior members of the family.

  1. Clubhouse/community hall:

Talk about community sense, it only gets better with regular events and parties. A club house within campus would be ideal to conduct community get together events. This would even be useful for conducting association meetings. And for the residents, for holding small birthday parties a community clubhouse or community hall would be the easiest choice against hunting for a convention center outside. It would also be a relatively cheaper option. Clubhouses today, play homes to a variety of amenities such as a gym, banquet halls and so on.

  1. Gym:

We now have gyms on every corner. But finding the time to actually get to the gym might be the problem especially if the open timings clash with your office timings. With an in-house gym, you could conveniently continue your daily work outs at your convenient time at a much lower cost as well.

  1. Swimming pool:

Having an in-house swimming pool offers ultimate privacy. As with swimming clubs where there might be a lot of strangers, in-house pools would only be used by the residents and again, the pool could also be used at your convenient time without having to spend a lot of time in commute for a pool outside the campus. A presence of a pool of toddlers is also just as important these days.

While amenities are not mandatory, these are great ways to improve the overall quality of living offered by the community. This would make life a whole lot simpler. If you choose a community that is on the outskirts, one that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city then the presence of such amenities would be pretty crucial as you might find it difficult to find these around the residential complex.

Amenities help residents connect. A stroll in the park would be a great opportunity for the new residents to get to meet new people and make friends.

Having additional amenities like basketball and tennis courts and indoor play areas would help build the bond between the residents. Residents could also conduct tournaments that help build the community spirit and involve all the residents.

There are numerous more such benefits to choosing a residential complex with modern amenities. Keep this in mind when you buy your new home in a city and remember that the presence of amenities would also improve the resale value of the house.