Vaastu Compliant Homes-What do they mean?

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Vaastu Compliant Homes

There’s no denying that home trends and the demands of home buyers keep changing with time. But if there is one trend in the real estate market that has been steadily on the rise, it is the Vaastu compliance of the property. A vast majority of home buyers, more than 90% of them actually, look for Vaastu compliant homes. Some simply consider the direction of the main door while some look into the details about the position of the various rooms as well. Vaastu Shastra is a large system and abiding by every principle in it might be a tough one especially when you choose ready to move in homes in apartments particularly. But there are some main concepts in this that are taken into consideration by most of the reputed builders.

So what is all this hype about Vaastu?

Vaastu Shastra consists of principles and concepts that have been followed in architecture for centuries. It is what is called the “science of architecture” which talks about the best practices in construction and the influential elements to consider while building a house. Even the ancient cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro which are known for their impeccable planning and architecture are said to be built based on Vaastu Shastra. Following these best practices is believed to bring good luck and happiness for the residents.

What really should you look for in Vaastu compliant homes?

  1. Start with the entrance:

What comes in and what goes out depends on where the entrance of the home lies, according to Vaastu. North and North-East are considered to be favourable for the placement of the entrance. Some also consider East to be good.

If you are looking for a more scientific and practical explanation to this, the placement of the doors and windows would determine the natural lighting and ventilation of the home. Having an entrance door facing the direction of sunrise would cause a lot of natural light to fall into the house.


  1. The orientation of your bedroom matters more than you perceive:

The direction in which the room faces and the placement of the bedroom are equally important in Vaastu. Different locations are believed to bring different results. Bedrooms placed between the south-east and east are not preferred. But the orientation of the room combined with the position of the entrance door would also be a factor to consider. Science says that sleeping with your head placed in the north-south direction is not the best choice because that would be parallel to the alignment of the earth’s magnetic pole. This is another factor that could be linked to the direction in which the bedroom faces as well.


  1. Consider the shapes:

Irregular shapes are always cool and they give a contemporary styling even to a small house. But rectangles and squares are often considered the most favourable according to Vaastu. This is particularly true for the shape of the bedroom.

Taking into account all the major favourable factors would be difficult and there has been no solid evidence to prove the real impact of these principles. However, avoiding all the risk elements would make it more favourable for those looking to buy a new home. These are being predominantly incorporated in today’s modern homes because these elements are trusted to affect the health, wealth, career and the overall happiness of a person. Placement of the rooms like bedroom and kitchen, for example, are said to influence the sleep and appetite of the residents. There are numerous elements, however, to nullify or intensify the effects of these which could later be included in the house to suit your objectives.

Keeping in mind the home buyers’ welfare and beliefs, constructing homes that comply with Vaastu and still manage to create sophisticated homes boasting modern day architecture with the best space utilization is the real deal. This is exactly what you would be getting when you choose an apartment from Habitat Ventures. No matter what your belief in Vaastu is, you would be able to find a home that suits all your requirements. Since the developers based in Habitat Ventures are architects by profession, all the homes have Vaastu elements seamlessly built into them as a natural element so that you could be sure that you get the best value for what you invest.