Residential or Commercial Projects in Bangalore. Where You Should Invest ?

Residential or Commercial Projects in Bangalore Real estate has always been considered a great investment. This has only been getting better in the recent years. Given that fact, investing in Residential or Commercial Projects in Bangalore real estate in a more upcoming metro city like Bangalore would definitely be worth every penny spent.

Talking about the real estate market in the country, if there’s one city that has been holding well, it’s Bangalore. While there are many cities that have been facing ups, downs and a wide amount of saturation, Bangalore’s real estate market has always been considered one of the most reliable ones in the recent years. The ever increasing population, the facilities offered by the self-sustained city and the ample job opportunities draw people from all over the country. Bangalore is a friendly city that welcomes anyone from anywhere with open hands and this character of the city is backed up by its growing real estate market.

Commercial or residential property- which is your best bet?

Well, in a city like Bangalore which is a business and IT hub, the concept of investing in commercial properties are always in demand and to accommodate those professionals, residential properties are in demand too. So investing in commercial as well as residential can both be beneficial. But when it comes to commercial properties, there are few challenges that stop average investors from jumping to invest in them.

Commercial properties – the good and the not so good:

Though commercial properties might prove their monetizing benefits, in the long run, they do come with an additional capital requirement for investment in the early stages.

The good:

The potential of earnings you can get with a commercial property is pretty stable. It would also most likely be higher than a residential property

If you are investing in a commercial property at the heart of the city or the center of the business hub, you are sure to get a reliable client and a long-term contract for the property.

The not so good:

Given the attractive perks of investing in commercial properties, why do people still hesitate?

Commercial property is pretty difficult to manage single-handedly. If you have a reliable team, the work gets easier. In a city like Bangalore , finding property management services is also pretty easy but costly. So you can still consider investing in commercial properties, but the challenge persists.



Why Invest in Residential or Commercial Projects in Bangalore:

The quality of lifestyle offered by Bangalore , and not to forget the weather, draw a lot of people to the city. The population of the city has grown many folds in the recent years. So the Residential or Commercial Projects in Bangalore has never truly seen a dull moment.

With the case of residential property, the trends have changed a considerable amount in Bangalore. After their busy days at the office, people love to return to their own little nest, their own sweet home. And given the price trends, many find it economical to invest in a house and pay EMIs instead of paying monthly rents. The best part here is that though it is a posh metro, one can find houses of all price categories. Affordable luxury is not a distant dream anymore. Getting quality construction and slick interior styling is all made simple with the reliable builders like Habitat Ventures. An added benefit is the new housing scheme introduced known as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), allowing one to receive a subsidy of up to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs when buying their 1st new home. So, owning a premium home becomes something of a pleasant reality.

The city continues to be a home buyer’s paradise. With the increase in the number of premium homes, fully furnished ready to move-in houses, investing in aResidential or Commercial Projects in Bangalore continues to be a safe bet according to the market experts. The residential market here is projected to remain stable in the coming years and no noticeable fluctuations are anticipated.

Owning Residential or Commercial Projects in Bangalore also comes with the added perk that the market value keeps increasing at a very steady rate. With the rapid urbanization of the areas surrounding the city, even properties outside the city would soon see a tremendous increase in their value. Even if you choose to relocate, renting out your property in Bangalore is pretty convenient. Bangalore also fetches the best rent complying with the property’s value.

Overall, investing in a Residential or Commercial Projects in Bangalore ensures that your money goes to the right place. This is particularly true with several new value-for-money Residential or Commercial Projects in Bangalore such as the Habitat Iluminar and Habitat Eden Heights which are located in prime locations within the city.