Apartment vs. Individual House – What’s A Better Option in Bangalore?

Should you buy an apartment or should you build yourself an individual house? This is a never-ending dispute among homebuyers everywhere. If you are a first-time homebuyer, in particular, you might have a lot more confusing tasks to handle before you decide to settle down in your first home. There is the concern of how you would get a home loan and whether your credit score is good enough to fetch you good deals for home loans. And even before that, there is the actual choice between an apartment and an individual house. Here are some questions you’d probably consider answering before you come to a conclusion.

  • What is my budget?
  • Am I looking for a calm and quiet location or are you looking to settle in the heart of the city?
  • Do I want to move in very soon or would I prefer waiting for a few more years?
  • Safety or privacy- which would be a primary concern?

The fact is that both apartments and individual homes can fulfill all of these conditions in one way or another. But then there are some distinct factors that help make your choice.

Choice of locality

In a metropolitan city like Bangalore, we have seen that the available open spaces are getting depleted by builders and their projects. There are more and more people moving into the city and there is an ever-increasing demand for homes. But the space crunch cannot be forgotten. If you would like to settle in a locality that is in the heart of the city, or perhaps find a house close to your office or children’s schools then finding a plot to build your individual house might be a tedious task. On the other hand, you would be able to find a large number of options in apartments. The expansion of the city borders and the increased urbanization of the outskirts in the recent years has been to tackle this bottleneck. Ideally, unless you already own a plot somewhere in the center of the city or if you stumble upon a builder that offers villa plots in prime locations, you would be left with only one choice if you want to own an individual house- choose a plot in the remote parts of the city. In the second case, where plots are sold in prime locations, the costs are going to be sky-high.

Flexibility vs. Ready Availability

When you build an individual house, you have the absolute freedom to choose the design and appearance unless you own a plot in a community with strict guidelines on the external appearance of the houses. But with apartments, you may or may not be allowed to make any modifications to the main construction. You can, however, choose to splurge on the interior design to give it your personal touch. If you are buying a resale property while choosing an individual house, it would be ready to move in. But when you build a home on a plot it would take a considerable amount of time for the construction to be fully completed. In terms of an apartment, if you choose a reliable builder with RERA registered you have the assurance that you would get your home within the stipulated time. And with an apartment, you simply have to pay the price of the property and the builder would take care of all the construction and timely delivery. You do not have the hassle of finding architects and contractors to help you build as with individual houses.

Privacy vs. Safety

It’s a no-brainer that the privacy that an individual house offers is quite something. That’s not to say that apartments are lacking. Real estate developers today make it a point to create apartments that ensure an individual’s privacy is maintained by others. The common areas would be accessible to all the residents. But there is one factor that draws most home buyers to apartments and that is round-the-clock security. Most apartments today also come with surveillance cameras, 24/ 7 manned security guards and monitored visitor management system. This is to ensure that the absolute safety of the residents is assured at all costs. Let’s not forget the fact that living in a community adds to the safety factor as having more neighbors around can only prove to be beneficial in the event of an emergency.


If you own a villa or build a house in a gated community, then you would be able to access the amenities. But in most cases, this is missing with individual houses. Apartment owners, on the other hand, would be able to access the very best amenities within the premises. This saves a lot of time and efforts, especially in a busy life. Maintenance costs and efforts will also be cut down in the case of apartments since the costs are taken care of by the community/society.


So should you buy an apartment or an individual house?

While each has its own benefits:

  • If you are looking for the resale value based on land appreciation then individual homes are better. The building value depreciates here, however. Apartments, on the other hand, would have an appreciation value based on the development of the locality but then there would be no land value attached, except the small portion of undivided share offered with the flat.
  • Plot owners get delayed tax benefits but apartment owners can immediately avail them, especially for their first home.
  • The homeowners’ association makes it easy to get any type of work done in an apartment. This includes the likes of plumbing, electrical fittings and so on. But with an individual house, you would have to run and get things done yourself. And there is the hassle of getting the grants and permits all by yourself when you build the house. The registration process is also going to take a tad bit longer than when you buy an apartment from a trusted builder who can get it all done quite quickly.

So in the end, while the choice does rest more in favor of an apartment, it is your choice after all. Weigh all your options and pick the best one that would suit you and your family.

Guide for Buying Your Dream Apartment in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is an incredible city. While being known for many things, it’s also quite a great place to live in. For those looking to settle in Bengaluru for good, you must’ve at least once considered the possibility of buying yourself a good home to settle in for the long haul, even if it was just a fleeting thought.


But if you’re quite serious about owning an apartment for yourself, then there’s a lot to really be considered. Lucky for you, we’ve put a guide to buying your dream apartment in Bengaluru.


  1. Location, Location, Location

Let’s be honest. The location of where you live plays a significant role in practically everything else in your life be it your work, where your children go to school or even the convenience stores. The most determining factor here is the convenience of travel associated with the location of where you reside. You wouldn’t want to be living in one end of the city and have to travel an hours’ journey to where you work. Best to consider a location that’s at the center of all your needs.


  1. How Deep Do Your Pockets Run?

We all crave that dream apartment that we see in the movies. The ones with the spacious common room, magnificent bathrooms and a balcony with a view of the entire city in all its glory. Unfortunately, not all of us get that and we mostly have to settle for something almost as good. Regardless of what apartment you decide to buy, it costs a considerable amount of money. If it’s a pure luxury you seek, then be sure to shell out the extra cash for it. Otherwise, even the most affordable homes can provide you with a class living of its own. If it runs beyond your pocket, you could consider a loan.


  1. The Finer Things

If you’re looking for an apartment, chances are that most real estate projects come equipped with modern amenities to make your stay all the more comfortable. If you’re going ahead with a particular apartment, it’s fair to say that it would be your dream home and after all, you want your dream home to have the very best facilities. Projects today come equipped with a multitude of sports amenities, clubhouses, and swimming pools to say the least. While they may be seen as a bit of a luxury, they’re undeniably incredible to accommodate your living experience as a whole.


  1. Serenity Vs Hustle

This correlates with the first point perfectly but the factor is different. If you’re the kind looking to embrace a bit of peace and quietness as a part of your living experience, Bengaluru plays host to a variety of areas that are a bit secluded from the cityscapes making for a living that’s tranquil and peaceful. However, if you’re the opposite and enjoy the lifestyle of the city and prefer to be closer to everything, then it would be wiser to seek out stay that’s within the hustle and bustle. Staying in a secluded region may then turn out to be quite the bore. This factor would really depend on the life you intend to choose.


  1. Quality of The Living Experience

Keep in mind that this includes a variety of things. While every builder has their offerings, it’s important to understand what your home actually offers. This brings about the need to ask many questions. Does my home have good ventilation? Is there an uninterrupted power supply? Do I have access to clean water all day? Are the operation and maintenance looked after? Is the waste and sewage disposal looked after? These may seem unnecessary at first but are very important in the long run.


Finding your dream home is no easy task. It may even have a much bigger list to be checked out. But as long as you have the most basic of factors and conditions looked into, you could be one step closer to picking up your dream home.

Advantages of staying near Global Village Tech Park Bangalore

As a major IT hub in India, Bangalore draws people from all over India with its competitive job opportunities. It is not just the lucrative job market here that impresses the masses but also the overall quality of lifestyle which is unrivaled. And the cost of living in Bangalore is reasonable compared to other metropolitan cities. And the bright potential for the real estate market has made it a great opportunity to buy a property in Bangalore rather than renting one. Buying a property near Global Village Tech Park, Bangalore makes for a great investment. This is a popular locality which has everything to make it a perfect residential neighborhood. Here are some reasons why this area is great to reside in:

Convenient daily commute

For those working in Global Village Tech Park, there are many places you could consider living in, one of which would be investing in a home in Habitat Iluminar. This would help you save all the time spent in your daily commute, the annoying struggles of daily traffic. So that adds more quality time with your family!

This is also a great place to stay for those working in Banashankari and other regions in South Bangalore. The Outer Ring Road makes it easy and quick to travel to the rest of the city without any hassle. Public transport facilities are great in this area and there are local buses plying every few minutes to all the major localities. The real estate market in this area is still growing, so investing in this area would fetch you a great value home with excellent appreciation value which would be useful even if you would have to rent out your house or resell it in future.

For those who are looking to start a commercial venture this locality again makes a great choice given the steady increasing market accompanied by the growing demands. There are also several commercial establishments coming up close by and the area is growing and expanding at a positive rate.

Away from the crowd:

Mailasandra, RR Nagar and the nearby localities close to Mysore Road are great residential localities. They offer a peaceful stay away from the noise of the city and the area is not as crowded as the rest of the city. The population density in this area is less and retiring to a peaceful environment after a long day at the office is after all that everyone would love.

As there are several colleges and schools in the surrounding, the area around is still crowd free with clutter-free buildings and clean maintenance.

Schools and colleges

There are several colleges and schools near Global Village Tech Park, so for those who are looking to settle down in Bengaluru, this is a great place to pick. Here are some of the most popular schools and colleges in this area:

  • Orchids International SchoolOrchids International School


  • National Public School Kengerinational-public-school-kengeri-bangalore-cbse-schools-1b0f7


  • Young World International PreschoolYoung World International School


  • ICFAI Business SchoolICFAI Business School


  • RV College of EngineeringRV College



  • Padmashree Group of InstitutionsPadamashree

These are just a handful of the longlist of educational institutions close to Global Village Tech Park. The locality has always been popular among those settling down with their families so that the kids would not have to travel long distances every day.

There are also limitless options when it comes to choosing playschools for the tiny tots. On the whole, this is an area that is great in terms of the educational facilities it offers.

Quality medical facilities just around the corner

  • BGS Global Multi-Specialty Hospital BGS Hospital


  • RC HospitalRC Hospital


  • Medsol HospitalMedsol Hospital

and many more multi-specialty hospitals and clinics with state of the art facilities are located within close proximity in this area. This ticks off another important criterion that people consider while choosing a locality for residence.

Whether you are looking for schools or hospitals or commute into and away from the city you would be able to find all your needs being fulfilled when you stay close to Global Village Tech Park Bangalore. These are some of the prime reasons why Habitat Iluminar is growing to be one of the most popular choices for first time home buyers in Bangalore.

7 Reasons to Stay in Hoodi Circle Bengaluru

The beauty of the city of Bengaluru is the warm lasting appeal it has for everyone. One of those appeals can be attributed to Hoodi Circle in Whitefield Bangalore. Situated along the Whitefield-ITPL main road, the area has gained a lot of popularity of late with many taking up real estate projects providing living opportunities for those looking to buy property. With that in mind, here are 7 reasons to stay in Hoodi Circle, Bengaluru:


  1. Quiet Within the Space of Whitefield

One of the primary reasons to consider Hoodi Circle is because of space it’s within. Whitefield in Bengaluru is growing more and more popular by the days. It provides the perfect getaway for those working in Whitefield.


  1. Real Estate Opportunities

What was once a very quiet village in Bengaluru has now spurned opportunities for real estate developers. Those looking to invest in homes to live in will not be short looking here. Habitat Ventures is one of those developers that provide you with such living opportunities.

  1. A Shoppers Delight

Within the vicinity lies a plethora of shopping malls that will appeal to any that indulge in the same.

  • Phoenix Market City pheonix


  • VR Mall Bengaluru

VR mall


  • The Forum Neighborhood Mall


that are all in close proximity to each other. For those wondering if Hoodi Circle would be a rather boring place to live in, they’d be wrong.


  1. Educational Opportunities
    The area also houses some of the most reputed schools and institutes in the city of Bengaluru. Schools such as
  • The Gopalan International School



  • Deens Academy



  • Brigade International School


  • Euro School

euro school

are just some of the options available to investors with children. What’s more convenient is that these schools are within 5 km radius.


  1. Healthcare Around the Corner

Those living around the neighborhood can probably attest to this. But for those looking to invest in a new home, Hoodi Circle should also be considered for its abundance of options for healthcare as well. Prominent institutions such as DaVita Hospitals, Cloud nine Hospitals, Narayana Multispeciality Hospitals, Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital and even Manipal Hospitals are all situated close to each other. This ensures anyone looking for a new home in Hoodi Circle that there’s healthcare just around the corner.

  1. Ease of Accessibility

Although situated towards the east of Bengaluru, Hoodi Circle remains very well connected to the neighboring districts. Being an upcoming commercial locality of its own, more and more transportation facilities are being established in its favor. This is evident with the new Railway station that’s been recently opened to help reduce the amounts of traffic along the roads. Hoodi Circle and Whitefield as a whole are now more easily accessible than ever to commuters.

  1. Price of Investment

When making comparisons to other areas in Bengaluru such as Indiranagar, Koramangala, Richmond Town and so on, Hoodi Circle is priced relatively lower when it comes to investing in an apartment. In fact, the real estate market in Hoodi Circle has been showing significantly steady progress only further enhancing the opportunities available. But for those looking to purchase a new home, there has never been a better time to do so.

There’s no doubting the value Hoodi Circle holds today. The area is brimming with the opportunity not just for real estate developers but investors as well. With an abundance of healthcare, educational and entertainment facilities, Hoodi Circle, Whitefield is proof to those that it’s a place worth investing for your future home.

Property in Bangalore Why it is Better to Buy than Renting?

Property in Bangalore Should you buy yourself a new home or should you simply rent one? This is a never-ending debate! Considering the real estate scenario in Property in Bangalore several real estate experts now recommend that buying a Property in Bangalore would be a lot more beneficial than renting one. Sans, the financial burden and the sudden commitment that you would be caught up in, buying a home can actually fetch you a wide variety of perks. With the market fluctuating wildly and with so many external factors influencing the real estate prices here are the real advantages of investing in a house rather than renting one, if you are a resident of Bangalore:

Rents and EMIs often Tally

If you are looking for a Property in Bangalore in a decent locality, one that is spacious and one that is packed with all the modern amenities then the rent is definitely going to be pretty high. Now there are several developers that deliver quality homes with all the sophistication at rates. So the EMI paid per month often would be very close to the actual rent that you might be paying. No matter how long you stay in a house and how much rent you pay, it is still not going to be your Property in Bangalore. But when you buy a house all the monthly expenditures go into a property registered in your name.

Easier and Affordable Home Loans

Housing loans are now easier to get than ever before. As long as you have a steady source of income, you would be able to easily qualify for a housing loan. And the process, on the whole, has now become quicker and a lot more convenient. There is very little paperwork involved and in a jiffy, you would be able to get the funds in your account. So if you are able to find a property that suits all your requirements, one that is a good value for money then you would be able to purchase it without any delay. No matter what tenure you look for you would be able to find a wide range of home loan types to suit every situation.

Who Wouldn’t like the Tax Benefits?

With the tax slabs changing you cannot fully rejoice when you get an increment. Without the right investments, a major chunk of your hard earned money goes in paying taxes. But when you own a Property in Bangalore, with your housing loan you would be given tax benefits. Money saved is money earned after all! For some, the income tax slab itself would vary once a home loan is applied.

A Great Investment in the Long Run

There are several places that people prefer to invest in including stocks, gold and more. But real estate continues to be one of the top choices of investment. Some buy a house in a locality where they might not be residing simply as an investment. And if you choose a sought after neighborhood you could also offer your house for rent and this can be an additional source of income which can further ease the burden of the monthly EMIs. Unlike most other investments, a property chosen in a stable real estate market comes with an appreciation value instead of depreciation. So when you choose to resell the property in future you would be able to fetch a good price for the same.

You are Inspired to Save More

Right from the time, you think about buying a Property in Bangalore you are inspired to save more every time. Larger the down payment you make less would be the financial burden in the form of EMI. Strict monthly budgets, automated saving strategies, and other such plans would have to be executed so as to meet the objective of accumulating funds for the house’s down payment. And even after you purchase the property given that you would be paying the EMIs for several years it would keep you motivated to save more and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Nothing Beats the Freedom of Residing on your Own Property

Finally, it is always a great feeling to have your own place that you can call “home”. And you have complete freedom to customize the house and modify it to suit your taste. Interiors and other modifications within the property can all be done without worry. And all of this can happen if you are ready to pay just a little more than what you pay every month as rent.

RERA has also now made things favorable for home buyers. And the property prices in Bangalore are now pretty good in comparison with other major metro cities. So now would be a great time to buy your own home and obtain relief from the hassles of paying rent and exorbitant rental advances for a house.

Ongoing Project at Mysore Road Habitat Iluminar Why should you invest ?

Ongoing Project at Mysore Road Habitat Iluminar Be it your first home or your next home, you would be looking for a lot of aspects like the location of the project, the design of the layout, floor plans, the amenities offered and now an addition to this list is the RERA registration. If you are looking for a home that comes with all of these and with the added assurance of being delivered for possession without any delay, your search ends here. Habitat Iluminar is all this and lot more.

Ongoing Project at Mysore Road Habitat Iluminar

Featuring a B+G+11 structure and made to fulfil needs of all types of residents, there are 2BHK homes, 2.5 and 3BHK homes as well. The apartment has been laid out on a spacious 4+ acres of land lined with trees among the evenly distributed buildings. The homes are well-ventilated that also allow for ample natural light. Habitat’s eye for details and the design philosophies which have been incorporated into every aspect to make Habitat Iluminar one of the best residential projects in Bengaluru.

The Location:

Bengaluru’s real estate market has always been great for home buyers. We find the market to have a bright scope as well. While most parts of the city have become more crowded with buildings set up in every corner, Habitat Iluminar is located in a spot away from the crumbling city traffic. But the Mysuru Road is well connected to the rest of the city as well as to the other cities nearby, so you do not have to worry about your commute. For those working in the Global Village Tech Park, Habitat Iluminar is one of the most favorable options as it is hardly 1km away. Let’s not forget that it’s also in close proximity to the RVCE college. The real estate value in the region is continuously increasing and given the closeness to the upcoming metro station, the Vaastu compliant homes in Habitat Iluminar also happen to be long-term high-value investments.

All the Best Amenities:

Habitat Ventures has always kept up with the latest trends in construction and has managed to deliver homes that not just meet but also exceed your expectations. Habitat Iluminar is no exception to this. Made for the busy city dwellers this one comes with all the convenient amenities in a green campus. The moment you step in to the premises, you feel like you have entered a whole new world, strikingly different from the noisy, crowded city outside.

Besides the swimming pool, gym, and a 15,000 sqft. Multipurpose club house, there is also a spacious yoga room, table tennis corner, billiards room, Floodlit putting greens, Basketball court, cricket pitches, Badminton court and a tennis court along with an exclusive space for the spa as well. For the junior residents, there is a large play area. To encourage you to stay active, there is also a green jogging track. For the parties and social events, there is a huge multipurpose hall that can accommodate a large crowd.

Everything else that you would like:

  • Every home comes with the best quality plumbing and electrical fittings. Waterproofing has been done in the terrace and washrooms so as to ensure that the construction quality doesn’t deteriorate due to water damage. For added safety there is a safety grill added to the sliding windows and hardwood frames for the doors. All these measures are simply to ensure that the construction stays as good as new for ages.
  • All essential electrical outlets have been provided in appropriate places so that even future requirements can be met like when you need to install geysers, air conditioners etc.
  • Keeping in mind the emergency situations there is also a large stretcher compatible lift besides the normal lift.
  • Let’s not forget that the buildings themselves are made from Porotherm smart bricks. These ensure that your home is kept cooler during the summer and warm during the winter.
  • The generator has been connected to an automatic switching panel so as to toggle promptly when a power cut occurs.
  • There are other green measures incorporated including the inclusion of an STP, solar lighting for the common areas, waste management systems, and more.
  • The security desk is manned at all times and there are CCTV cameras installed in all the common areas and vantage points.
  • For those quite evenings you can chill out at the seating spaces, gazebos, or the herbal garden. There is also an open amphitheater included within the campus.

With the construction nearing completion and the RERA registration done, there is not a thing to worry about. For more details about the project or to get a view into the model home along with any other information, get in touch with our team.

Ongoing Project In Whitefield Habitat Eden Heights Why Invest ?

Ongoing Project In Whitefield Bangalore has shown itself to be one of those cities that is constantly in the growth. With the ample job opportunities offered by the city, people of all age groups find this a favorite city to reside. And the real estate market has also been expanding to suit the surge in demands. Whitefield is well within the city of Bangalore that offers everything from the major corporate offices to malls, to schools and everything else to make it look like a mini-city within a city. So having a home in this location would mean that you can be assured of great value for your home in the future as well. For all those looking for premium homes in this locality, Habitat Eden Heights continues to be the most popular choice mainly because it comes with all the essential amenities packed with spaciously built homes in a thoughtfully crafted layout, all delivered at a great value for money.

RERA Benefits

RERA came across as something of a boon for buyers. This would help establish a transparency and thus enhance the rapport between the buyers and the builders. Ongoing Project In Whitefield Habitat Eden Heights is a RERA approved the project and you can get in touch with us to get the details about RERA registration.

While there are numerous projects that have slowed down after RERA, Ongoing Project In Whitefield Habitat Eden Heights is one that has shown a steady progress with time. It has been on the right track (check this page for the construction status to get regular updates about how the project is advancing)

Homes to Suit Every Type of Home-Buyer

If yours is a small family, then there are 2.5BHK apartments with 2 large bedrooms and a compact study room. For those who are looking for something more spacious, there are the 3 and 3.5BHK homes with their floor plans innovatively designed so as to offer the best utilization of the space for your convenience.

Location Benefits

The proximity to Hoodi Circle is one of the most favorable aspects of Ongoing Project In Whitefield Habitat Eden Heights. The ITPL main road is just a few minutes’ walk from the project. There is excellent bus connectivity in and around the location so the commute to any part of the city would be a breeze. Whitefield houses some of the best schools like Vydehi Medical Institute along with the excellent Brookfields hospital being close by. So this makes an ideal location to settle down with your family. So you would be able to find everything you need just around the corner and this comes with the perk of being close to the popular offices in Bengaluru as well. So you can save all the time spent in the daily commute to and from your workplace. With the metro station coming up nearby things would only get better.

Safety benefits

With Ongoing Project In Whitefield Habitat Eden Heights and every other project of Habitat Ventures, the prime focus has always been on the safety of the residents. All the homes come with safe electrical and plumbing work, round the clock security, piped LPG Reticulated LPG gas connection, firefighting infrastructure, security cameras in the common places and lots of other safety features.

World class amenities to offer everything you need on-campus

Ongoing Project In Whitefield Habitat Eden Heights Along with all the basic amenities that standard gated communities in Bengaluru offer, Habitat Eden Heights also comes with an open amphitheater, Ready to use floodlit basketball, tennis and 2 badminton courts and putting greens. The efficient energy management system has been incorporated along with an automatic switching panel to ensure prompt generator feeds to the homes when a power cut occurs.

An eco-friendly campus

The eco-friendly campus also packs solar lighting for the common areas and solar water heating provision for some of the homes. Electric car owners can also avail the charging spots provided in the parking lot. There is an STP within the campus and the recycled water is used for watering the plants. There is also rainwater harvesting channels embedded all along the layout. Besides the waste segregation area, there is also an organic waste converter provided within the premises to make it a truly green campus. So, your home comes with everything you would want to peacefully wind down after a busy day! This makes Ongoing Project In Whitefield Habitat Eden Heights one of the best projects to invest in.

The Growing Trend of Convertible Furniture

The Global Real Estate Market has seen a variety of trends over the recent past. From DIYs to Affordable Houseplants, the list is quite comprehensive. However, one trend that has been getting an increasing popularity, is convertible furniture. With our lifestyles constantly changing at a rapid pace, we also see an increase in demand to keep up with current trends. Convertible furniture adheres to that trend of adding that little bit of sophistication to our living spaces while also being incredibly economical and functional in terms of space.

Today, it’s reached a point where people invest in such furniture regardless of space. Here are a few examples of convertible furniture you could consider for your home as well:

  • Wall mounted beds – these can be tucked back on to the wall when not in use. There are also those that come with storage space at the bottom of the bed so that you can use them as storage shelves during the day when the bed is not in use.
  • Convertible sofas – probably the most popular convertible furniture that people in small apartments love. This can be used as a sofa during the day and can instantly be stretched out to act as a bed at night. This is ideal for tighter spaces as it can save the space occupied by a bed as well as the cost incurred.
  • Folding tables – We find folding tables of all sizes and shapes in the market. The smaller ones can be used as a laptop table on the bed or even as a makeshift bedside table. Larger ones can be used for adding extra dining space when you have guests at home.
  • Convertible nursery furniture – one of the major areas where you might be spending a huge sum is the nursery furniture. So choosing convertible nursery furniture can help add all the facilities to your kids’ room while also allowing them a lot of free space to move around. For example, cribs that can be converted to kid’s bed and sofa are very popular. So once your child outgrows his crib you do not have to throw it away.

So Why Consider Convertible Furniture

As mentioned earlier, convertible furniture is gaining more prominence with time. This is a trend that is probably not going anywhere. There’s no doubting the benefits involved with them either:

  • Convertible furniture can be more economical than choosing individual furniture. They help cut down the time, efforts and the price spent on finding individual pieces of furniture and instead deliver all the benefits in a single shot.
  • They take up very little floor space. This allows you to focus on accessorizing your house in a variety of ways. For example, when you save all the space that a large table takes up in a room by investing on a folding table you can place a potted plant instead and add more life to your room.
  • Convertible furniture is slick in terms of the styling. These are up to date with the modern trends in the furniture segment. The design, quality and the durability are all on par with the current market demands. They are not just useful but also look cool and this is something that any homeowner would love.
  • Moving becomes easy. You do not have too many items to carry when you shift to a new home.
  • There are many ways to use them. While most pieces of convertible furniture are designed with some primary objective in mind most of these can be used in multiple other ways too. You can renovate and revamp the looks of your home with these.

So why settle for the boring old style of furniture when you can get a lot more for the money you pay by looking for convertible furniture!

Best Indoor Plants for Health and Better Living

We talk so much about the impact of atmospheric pollution. One thing we fail to realize, is the importance of ventilation or the air indoor. There’s a fact stating that indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor. So the big question, how can we resolve or address this issue?

The easiest way to resolving this issue by not altering much of your living space or house is by having adequate Indoor Plants for Health. There are some indoor plants that are said to improve the quality of the indoor air and thus have a good impact on the health of everyone in the house, the overall quality of living itself can be enhanced so much by simply adding some Indoor Plants for Health. And talk about decorating your homes, what better way to do it than to add a fresh twist with greens. there are various types of plants that offer several effects. Plants are known to regulate the humidity levels, this means that you can happily ditch your humidifier and breathe in the naturally fresh air. They reduce the carbon dioxide levels and eliminate impurities in the air.

Here are the most popular Indoor Plants for Health that come with a long list of benefits:

  1. Areca palm (Dypsis Lutescens):

This is an easy-to-grow plant which is an easy choice for your first indoor plant. Indirect sunlight would be sufficient for the plant. These thrive pretty well in a warm climate. Moderate watering and light fertilization are all it takes to nurture this plant. Direct sunlight and overwatering are the two things this plant cannot stand. The former causes the yellowing of the leaves and the latter causes root rot. Areca palm humidifies the indoor air and removes toxic components from the air. These are great plants to adorn your living room.


  1. Aloe Vera (Rhododendron simsii):

The medicinal benefits of Aloe Vera are well known. Formaldehyde is a common toxin released from cleaning products, paints etc., Aloe Vera removes formaldehyde and improves the quality of indoor air. These grow best in dry conditions. So very little watering is required. Choose a sunny spot in the room somewhere near a window to place this plant. The perk here is that you can always grab an aloe leaf and use the gel that contains many beauty and health benefits. This makes a great plant for the bedroom as well as living room. Keep the plant out of reach of your pets. As the foliage is thorny, be cautious if you have kids at home.


  1. Snake plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata):

This low-maintenance plant is known for its ability to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen at night making it an ideal choice for the bedroom. These thrive well even in poorly lit rooms. If you are looking to add some greens to your bathroom, this one can survive the humid conditions. Maintain these plants in a pot with proper drain holes. Leaving town, no one to water your plants? No problem, this one can go without water for several days.


  1. Spider plant (Chlorophytum Comosum):

It gets its name from its shape, as a short plant, it bears dense foliage giving it a spider-like appearance. The plant filters out carbon monoxide, xylene, benzene and other toxins from the indoor air. This is a pet-friendly plant which is easy to nurture. Place the plant on a desk or on the floor, in a bright spot in the room and water it twice or thrice a week so that the soil stays slightly moist.


  1. Golden pothos (Scindapsis Aureus):

The Pothos leaves are hazardous when ingested, so it is not a great choice for households with pets and small kids. But it is a great plant for purifying the air in your living room. You could also place it in a shady terrace. If you have a well grown Pothos it would also remove the odors to some extent. It is the most popular indoor plant suggested for beginners as it requires very little care. Avoid watering the plant too frequently and keep it preferably under indirect sunlight to obtain healthy growth.


  1. Dracaena:

It is also locally known as the “Song of India”. There are nearly 40 different types of Dracaena available. With leaves that look a little similar to those of the spider plant, this is another common indoor plant. This is a shrub that can brighten up your room with its fresh, light-hued foliage. It can help eliminate trichloroethylene, benzene and other hazardous pollutants of indoor air. This is not preferred in houses with cats and dogs.

There are several more Indoor Plants for Health that can instantly liven up your rooms. Improvement of the indoor air can have a significant impact on the health, hasten the healing process in patients, reduce the risks of respiratory issues and provide better sleep at night.

Start by choosing a low-maintenance plant. Adhere to the watering and care instructions to ensure proper growth of the plants. If you spot any abnormalities on the leaves, be sure to take prompt measures. This is all it takes to add these timeless, no-fail, all-natural décor pieces to your home.

Builders & Architect in Bangalore

RERA, the implementation of GST and several other reforms have made the situation of buying homes even more favorable for Buyers and Investors. If you are looking to book any of the ongoing projects or prelaunch projects, you would definitely be eager to know more about the developer. Here’s a brief story of how it all started:


Started by a pair of passionate Builders & Architect in Bangalore, Habitat Ventures have been delivering residential and commercial projects of impeccable standards matching those on international quality. Affordable premium homes has been a bit of a specialty for Habitat Ventures. The company, with its headquarters in Bangalore, within its 12 years, has completed 15 projects having constructed a total of 2.5million sq.ft. The numbers are steadily increasing as we speak.

With the best team on board, with years of diverse experience in launching and successfully delivering quality residential projects, Habitat Ventures have constantly managed to provide hundreds of people the homes of their dreams.

Punctuality Promise

Getting to know the timeline of the completed projects would help you understand Habitat’s timeliness in delivering projects which is one of the most crucial factors that any customer looks for when they buy a home.

Builders & Architect in Bangalore. Habitat has had a long history of having completed lifestyle apartments, premium residential projects, plotted developments and a wide variety of other real estate projects. This caters to the growing needs of the diverse population in Bengaluru.

Features of Habitat residential projects

  • Timely completion of the project and handover of the house is something that has been common with every project launched by Habitat Ventures.
  • Habitat is one of the pioneers in introducing the concept of villaments in Bangalore. This perfectly suits those who are looking for a spacious duplex, villa-like house which also combines the benefits of an apartment.
  • Habitat has won several awards and accolades for innovating and giving a fresh life to the real estate market in Bangalore.
  • Innovation in the design and construction and the wise choice of construction materials is something that makes the projects of Habitat stand out from others in the city.
  • One other aspect that people love is Habitat’s assurance of adopting eco-friendly concepts like solar lighting, waste management- organic waste converter and more.
  • Every house comes with an ample amount of natural lighting and ventilation. The houses are Vaastu-compliant too.
  • Safety is the factor that continues to be the core of Habitat projects. This is why you would find convenient piped LPG gas facilities for all the houses. The campuses are also monitored round the clock by the CCTV cameras.
  • The gated communities come with all world class amenities on campus including parks, jogging trails, swimming pool, and lots more

Ongoing projects

Builders & Architect in Bangalore. Habitat Ventures offers some of the very best ongoing projects in Bengaluru. Currently, there are great houses to choose from in Habitat Iluminar and Habitat Eden Heights.

  • Habitat Iluminar- 2, 2.5, 3 BHK premium homes located near RV College of Engineering, Mysore Road.
  • Habitat Eden Heights- 2.5, 3, 3.5 BHK premium homes located in Hoodi Circle, Whitefield

Builders & Architect in Bangalore. Habitat Eden Heights is located in East of Bengaluru in the prime location close to many and large IT hubs in the city. Meanwhile, Habitat Iluminar is strategically located in south-west of Bengaluru, located close to the Global Village Tech Park, Bangalore University & RVCE makes Iluminar a desirable project to invest in

Both the projects come equipped with state of the art infrastructure. The houses come with secure waterproofing solutions, top-notch plumbing work and sanitary fittings, and standard safe electrical work.