Best Indoor Plants for Health and Better Living

We talk so much about the impact of atmospheric pollution. One thing we fail to realize, is the importance of ventilation or the air indoor. There’s a fact stating that indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor. So the big question, how can we resolve or address this issue?

The easiest way to resolving this issue by not altering much of your living space or house is by having adequate indoor plants. There are some indoor plants that are said to improve the quality of the indoor air and thus have a good impact on the health of everyone in the house, the overall quality of living itself can be enhanced so much by simply adding some indoor plants. And talk about decorating your homes, what better way to do it than to add a fresh twist with greens. there are various types of plants that offer several effects. Plants are known to regulate the humidity levels, this means that you can happily ditch your humidifier and breathe in the naturally fresh air. They reduce the carbon dioxide levels and eliminate impurities in the air.

Here are the most popular indoor plants that come with a long list of benefits:

  1. Areca palm (Dypsis Lutescens):

This is an easy-to-grow plant which is an easy choice as your first indoor plant. Indirect sunlight would be sufficient for the plant. These thrive pretty well in a warm climate. Moderate watering and light fertilization are all it takes to nurture this plant. Direct sunlight and overwatering are the two things this plant cannot stand. The former causes the yellowing of the leaves and the latter causes root rot. Areca palm humidifies the indoor air and removes toxic components from the air. These are great plants to adorn your living room.


  1. Aloe Vera (Rhododendron Simsii):

The medicinal benefits of Aloe Vera are well known. Formaldehyde is a common toxin released from cleaning products, paints etc., Aloe Vera removes formaldehyde and improves the quality of indoor air. These grow best in dry conditions. So very little watering is required. Choose a sunny spot in the room somewhere near a window to place this plant. The perk here is that you can always grab an aloe leaf and use the gel that contains many beauty and health benefits. This makes a great plant for the bedroom as well as living room. Keep the plant out of reach of your pets. As the foliage is thorny, be cautious if you have kids at home.


  1. Snake plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata):

This low-maintenance plant is known for its ability to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen at night making it an ideal choice for the bedroom. These thrive well even in poorly lit rooms. If you are looking to add some greens to your bathroom, this one can survive the humid conditions. Maintain these plants in a pot with proper drain holes. Leaving town, no one to water your plants? No problem, this one can go without water for several days.


  1. Spider plant (Chlorophytum Comosum):

It gets its name from its shape, as a short plant, it bears dense foliage giving it a spider-like appearance. The plant filters out carbon monoxide, xylene, benzene and other toxins from the indoor air. This is a pet-friendly plant which is easy to nurture. Place the plant on a desk or on the floor, in a bright spot in the room and water it twice or thrice a week so that the soil stays slightly moist.


  1. Golden pothos (Scindapsis Aureus):

The Pothos leaves are hazardous when ingested, so it is not a great choice for households with pets and small kids. But it is a great plant for purifying the air in your living room. You could also place it in a shady terrace. If you have a well grown Pothos it would also remove the odors to some extent. It is the most popular indoor plant suggested for beginners as it requires very little care. Avoid watering the plant too frequently and keep it preferably under indirect sunlight to obtain healthy growth.


  1. Dracaena:

It is also locally known as the “Song of India”. There are nearly 40 different types of Dracaena available. With leaves that look a little similar to those of the spider plant, this is another common indoor plant. This is a shrub that can brighten up your room with its fresh, light hued foliage. It can help eliminate trichloroethylene, benzene and other hazardous pollutants of indoor air. This is not preferred in houses with cats and dogs.

There are several more indoor plants that can instantly liven up your rooms. Improvement of the indoor air can have a significant impact on the health, hasten the healing process in patients, reduce the risks of respiratory issues and provide better sleep at night.

Start by choosing a low-maintenance plant. Adhere to the watering and care instructions to ensure proper growth of the plants. If you spot any abnormalities on the leaves, be sure to take prompt measures. This is all it takes to add these timeless, no-fail, all-natural décor pieces to your home.

Know Your Developer

RERA, the implementation of GST and several other reforms have made the situation of buying homes even more favorable for Buyers and Investors. If you are looking to book any of the ongoing projects or prelaunch projects, you would definitely be eager to know more about the developer. Here’s a brief story of how it all started:


Started by a pair of passionate architects, Habitat Ventures have been delivering residential and commercial projects of impeccable standards matching those on international quality. Affordable premium homes has been a bit of a specialty for Habitat Ventures. The company, with its headquarters in Bangalore, within its 12 years, has completed 15 projects having constructed a total of 2.5million sq.ft. The numbers are steadily increasing as we speak.

With the best team on board, with years of diverse experience in launching and successfully delivering quality residential projects, Habitat Ventures have constantly managed to provide hundreds of people the homes of their dreams.

Punctuality Promise

Getting to know the timeline of the completed projects would help you understand Habitat’s timeliness in delivering projects which is one of the most crucial factors that any customer looks for when they buy a home.

Habitat has had a long history of having completed lifestyle apartments, premium residential projects, plotted developments and a wide variety of other real estate projects. This caters to the growing needs of the diverse population in Bengaluru.

Features of Habitat residential projects

  • Timely completion of the project and handover of the house is something that has been common with every project launched by Habitat Ventures.
  • Habitat is one of the pioneers in introducing the concept of villaments in Bangalore. This perfectly suits those who are looking for a spacious duplex, villa-like house which also combines the benefits of an apartment.
  • Habitat has won several awards and accolades for innovating and giving a fresh life to the real estate market in Bangalore.
  • Innovation in the design and construction and the wise choice of construction materials is something that makes the projects of Habitat stand out from others in the city.
  • One other aspect that people love is Habitat’s assurance of adopting eco-friendly concepts like solar lighting, waste management- organic waste converter and more.
  • Every house comes with an ample amount of natural lighting and ventilation. The houses are Vaastu-compliant too.
  • Safety is the factor that continues to be the core of Habitat projects. This is why you would find convenient piped LPG gas facilities for all the houses. The campuses are also monitored round the clock by the CCTV cameras.
  • The gated communities come with all world class amenities on campus including parks, jogging trails, swimming pool, and lots more

Ongoing projects

Habitat Ventures offers some of the very best ongoing projects in Bengaluru. Currently, there are great houses to choose from in Habitat Iluminar and Habitat Eden Heights.

  • Habitat Iluminar- 2, 2.5, 3 BHK premium homes located near RV College of Engineering, Mysore Road.
  • Habitat Eden Heights- 2.5, 3, 3.5 BHK premium homes located in Hoodi Circle, Whitefield

Habitat Eden Heights is located in East of Bengaluru in the prime location close to many and large IT hubs in the city. Meanwhile, Habitat Iluminar is strategically located in south west of Bengaluru, located close to the Global Village Tech Park, Bangalore University & RVCE makes Iluminar a desirable project to invest in

Both the projects come equipped with state of the art infrastructure. The houses come with secure water proofing solutions, top notch plumbing work and sanitary fittings, and standard safe electrical work.

Why amenities are important in Real Estate projects

What really does a home buyer want from a community when a new home is bought? The answer to this question is something that changes by the day. Urbanization has resulted in the increase in utilization of available lands for home construction. This means that there is less space but more demand for residential complexes. This is why builders are now focusing on the best utilization of space and creating homes that come with a lot of amenities packed within the premises.

Gated communities aim at enhancing the community spirit in today’s busy world. Gated communities are preferred not just for the security they offer but also because they are almost self-sustained. But luxury home builders now have modernized gated communities a great deal and we now have a lot of high-end amenities included. But do all of them, really matter? One cannot deny that the number of amenities included would further increase the cost of the property.

The number of amenities that you really need would depend mainly on your lifestyle. Would you really find the time to make the best of all the available facilities or would it simply be an added expense when you buy a home. Unless you are willing to spend extravagantly, it would be a good idea to choose those communities that offer only those amenities that you really need.

Amenities that really matter to average residents:

  1. Children’s play area:

This is one thing that cannot be left out for those looking to move-in to a community with the family. When it comes to taking kids out, safety is of prime importance and what better than an in-house play park to ensure the kid’s safety as it would be only the community residents that use the play area. It would also be a convenient choice that would save parents a lot of time.

  1. Walking trails:

As job leaves no time for any other recreation, taking a stroll out in the walking area would be the only relief for most city dwellers. Having a lush garden area would make this even more pleasant. This would be particularly useful for those families moving in with the senior members of the family.

  1. Club house/community hall:

Talk about community sense, it only gets better with regular events and parties. A club house within campus would be ideal to conduct community get together events. This would even be useful for conducting association meetings. And for the residents, for holding small birthday parties a community club house or community hall would be the easiest choice against hunting for a convention center outside. It would also be a relatively cheaper option. Clubhouses today, play homes to a variety of amenities such as a gym, banquet halls and so on.

  1. Gym:

We now have gyms in every corner. But finding the time to actually get to the gym might be the problem especially if the open timings clash with your office timings. With an in-house gym, you could conveniently continue your daily work outs at your convenient time at a much lower cost as well.

  1. Swimming pool:

Having an in-house swimming pool offers ultimate privacy. As with swimming clubs where there might be a lot of strangers, in-house pools would only be used by the residents and again, the pool could also be used at your convenient time without having to spend a lot of time in commute for a pool outside the campus. A presence of a pool for toddlers is also just as important these days.

While amenities are not mandatory, these are great ways to improve the overall quality of living offered by the community. This would make life a whole lot simpler. If you choose a community that is on the outskirts, one that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city then the presence of such amenities would be pretty crucial as you might find it difficult to find these around the residential complex.

Amenities help residents connect. A stroll in the park would be a great opportunity for the new residents to get to meet new people and make friends.

Having additional amenities like basketball and tennis courts and indoor play areas would help build the bond between the residents. Residents could also conduct tournaments that help build the community spirit and involve all the residents.

There are numerous more such benefits to choosing a residential complex with modern amenities. Keep this in mind when you buy your new home in a city and remember that the presence of amenities would also improve the resale value of the house.

Vaastu Compliant Homes-What do they mean?

House Apartment Living Room Design Home
Vaastu Compliant Homes

There’s no denying that home trends and the demands of home buyers keep changing with time. But if there is one trend in the real estate market that has been steadily on the rise, it is the Vaastu compliance of the property. A vast majority of home buyers, more than 90% of them actually, look for Vaastu compliant homes. Some simply consider the direction of the main door while some look into the details about the position of the various rooms as well. Vaastu Shastra is a large system and abiding by every principle in it might be a tough one especially when you choose ready to move in homes in apartments particularly. But there are some main concepts in this that are taken into consideration by most of the reputed builders.

So what is all this hype about Vaastu?

Vaastu Shastra consists of principles and concepts that have been followed in architecture for centuries. It is what is called the “science of architecture” which talks about the best practices in construction and the influential elements to consider while building a house. Even the ancient cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro which are known for their impeccable planning and architecture are said to be built based on Vaastu Shastra. Following these best practices is believed to bring good luck and happiness for the residents.

What really should you look for in Vaastu compliant homes?

  1. Start with the entrance:

What comes in and what goes out depends on where the entrance of the home lies, according to Vaastu. North and North-East are considered to be favourable for the placement of the entrance. Some also consider East to be good.

If you are looking for a more scientific and practical explanation to this, the placement of the doors and windows would determine the natural lighting and ventilation of the home. Having an entrance door facing the direction of sunrise would cause a lot of natural light to fall into the house.


  1. The orientation of your bedroom matters more than you perceive:

The direction in which the room faces and the placement of the bedroom are equally important in Vaastu. Different locations are believed to bring different results. Bedrooms placed between the south-east and east are not preferred. But the orientation of the room combined with the position of the entrance door would also be a factor to consider. Science says that sleeping with your head placed in the north-south direction is not the best choice because that would be parallel to the alignment of the earth’s magnetic pole. This is another factor that could be linked to the direction in which the bedroom faces as well.


  1. Consider the shapes:

Irregular shapes are always cool and they give a contemporary styling even to a small house. But rectangles and squares are often considered the most favourable according to Vaastu. This is particularly true for the shape of the bedroom.

Taking into account all the major favourable factors would be difficult and there has been no solid evidence to prove the real impact of these principles. However, avoiding all the risk elements would make it more favourable for those looking to buy a new home. These are being predominantly incorporated in today’s modern homes because these elements are trusted to affect the health, wealth, career and the overall happiness of a person. Placement of the rooms like bedroom and kitchen, for example, are said to influence the sleep and appetite of the residents. There are numerous elements, however, to nullify or intensify the effects of these which could later be included in the house to suit your objectives.

Keeping in mind the home buyers’ welfare and beliefs, constructing homes that comply with Vaastu and still manage to create sophisticated homes boasting modern day architecture with the best space utilization is the real deal. This is exactly what you would be getting when you choose an apartment from Habitat Ventures. No matter what your belief in Vaastu is, you would be able to find a home that suits all your requirements. Since the developers based in Habitat Ventures are architects by profession, all the homes have Vaastu elements seamlessly built into them as a natural element so that you could be sure that you get the best value for what you invest.

Why Habitat Ventures are the Best Ongoing Projects in Bengaluru?

Buying your own home is more than just an investment. Buying your first home can be both exciting and exacting. It would be a big decision and you would be investing your hard earned money. This is why choosing the right real estate development company would ensure that you get the best for what you invest.

Why choose Habitat?

So what are the common questions that you might want to ask about a builder?

  1. Where is the developer from?
  2. What are the completed projects?
  3. What’s the company’s experience in the field?
  4. Do they have all the approvals?
  5. Do they stick to the timelines?
  6. How is the quality of construction?
  7. How are the prices and the location of the properties?

Habitat’s experience– They’re in the industry for 12 years and have since, delivered 2.5 million Sq.ft across 15 premium projects including residential, commercial & plotted development and still growing.

Completed projects– (Residential)

  • Habitat Crest
  • Habitat Aster
  • Habitat Mayflower
  • Habitat Cedar
  • Habitat Greens
  • Habitat Orchid

Timelines – Delivering timely possession has been Habitat’s strongest traits. You can also view the current construction status on the project page to be assured that things are on track.

Quality – Habitat Ventures aims at delivering affordable luxury without the slightest compromise in terms of quality be it in the construction or the various specifications. Using top of the line products like Porothorem Blocks, Tata cut &bend steel and so on, Habitat homes come equipped with all the modern amenities you’d come to expect along with a safe, gated community. You can be assured of getting the best value for money here.

Prices and location – All of the Habitat projects are strategically located in prime locations with close proximity to socio-civic infrastructure & close to the upcoming Metro Stations, one can also achieve a walk-to-work culture with these projects. These locations are sure to see a price appreciation in the future. The prices of these homes are indeed competitive with the others in the vicinity.


The ongoing projects in Bengaluru:

Bengaluru’s real estate market has always been a popular one. This is why investing in a residential property in Bengaluru would be a great choice. Habitat’s current projects are:

  • Habitat Iluminar
  • Habitat Eden Heights

So what makes these projects great places to find your next home?

Habitat Iluminar:

Located just a little away from the RV Engineering college on Mysore Road, the high rise buildings of Iluminar consist of 2, 2.5 as well as 3 BHK spacious homes. It enjoys excellent connectivity through NICE Corridor, SH 17, Upcoming Metro Station, Kengeri, TTMC & Railway Station. The project is ideally located close to the top schools and colleges including the Orchids International School, Kidzee, Euro Kids among the others. The Global Village Tech Park is a few minutes’ walk from Iluminar. So this location makes it a convenient spot for the whole family, especially if you are looking for a calm and serene location away from the busy city.

Habitat Advantage:

  • Vaastu compliance
  • Fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities including Golf, Swimming pool, Joggers’ trails, Children’s play area, basketball and tennis courts, Cricket practice nets and lots more
  • Iluminar also comes with Zen Garden, and a dedicated Senior citizen park
  • All the houses come with vitrified tile flooring and premium electrical fittings
  • Ventilation and natural lighting are the two main factors forming the core of Habitat designs. These have been streamlined into the design to offer well-lit rooms.

Habitat Eden Heights:

Standing tall in the heart of the IT hub of Eastern part of Bengaluru, Eden Heights is located at Hoodi Circle. Whitefield still remains one of the most popular neighborhoods in Bengaluru as the area has all the major offices and the best schools, best malls and other facilities. Shut down the noise of the city the moment you enter the green premises of Eden Heights.

Habitat Advantage:

  • Vaastu compliance
  • State of the art infrastructure with all modern amenities similar to those offered in all of Habitat Ventures’ projects
  • Project is currently under construction but the floodlit amenities are ready to use.

If you are looking for a serene area just off the main road, Habitat Aura is another project coming up off Bannergatta Main Road. Get in touch and register with habitat to avail the best offers on Aura.

Why choose Habitat Ventures’ ongoing projects in Bengaluru?

  • Habitat’s projects all come with intelligent energy management systems including power backup and solar lighting
  • Security is one of the strongest points in Habitat homes. With round the clock manned security stationed in the premises, there are also surveillance cameras dotting the campuses.
  • Besides the common amenities like club house, swimming pool and children’s play areas, Habitat homes also come with Golf Putting, Open Amphitheater and lots of other exciting facilities and fully-equipped indoor play areas
  • Waste management, rain water harvesting, STP within the premises and other environment friendly measures have been incorporated as well.

Come find your home in the most sought after locations in Bengaluru with Habitat Ventures delivering the best residential projects in the city.

Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA): How it Helps Buyers

If you have been planning to buy a new home, now is the right time. We say this not just because the real estate market is bright now but also because RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act) is here.

If you do not already know what RERA is-

The Real Estate Regulation Act was in the paper for over a year. And finally the Act has been passed. This was framed mainly keeping the real estate investments in mind. With the growth of the real estate market we have witnessed buyers quoting unreasonable prices. This is one of the major threats to the home buyers. With sky rocketing prices this Act comes as a relief for the home buyers.

Though there have been common rules laid down for the builders, states can sometimes flex the rules to an extent. But no matter what, the truth still remains that according to RERA, “The Buyer is the king”. Does that mean bad news then for the builders? For those who have been following fair practices, this would not make much of a change. But for those builders that have been quoting unjustified prices and unacceptable delays will now have to rethink their practices.

Here are a few key takeaways from the Real Estate Regulation Act benefiting the home buyers:

  1. With respect to the construction:

The quality of the construction is of prime importance but it is also the one often neglected by builders. After all buyers only get the real picture few years after the house is constructed and sold. RERA covers this aspect. According to the new rules, for 5 years after the handover of the flat, the builder still remains responsible for the construction related maintenance. Any defects that occur in the building due to poor quality construction would have to be rectified by the builder within 30 days. And this should be done free of cost.

  1. No more delays:

Talking about buying, a flat’s possession dates are pivotal. But there are hardly few builders that keep up the possession date promise. According to the Real Estate Regulation Act, the builder should handover the house exactly within the stipulated time. If there are going to be any delays, the builder would have to return to the buyer the entire amount paid for the flat plus the interest mentioned in the agreement.

  1. There will be an escrow account:

There are instances where builders take money from the buyer and use it on another project or a house. To avoid this, once the buyer deposits the amount, 70% of it would be deposited in an escrow account. As and how there are expenses for the concerned project the money is withdrawn from the respective escrow account.

  1. Promotion, booking and registration:

Starting with advertising the projects builders now have stringent norms to follow. Only those projects that have been registered under RERA would be permitted to start their marketing. You would also be able to get the Real Estate Regulation Act registration number from the ad itself. This is simply to make sure that you are investing in a RERA approved project. This would ensure that there is a check on the booking amount that has been requested. Builders would no longer have to ask for a booking amount which is more than 10% of the cost of the property. So you would not be asked to pay more than that before the official registration of the property. Every detail of the project including the approvals and plans would have to be registered by the builder with the regulatory body.

  1. Right to information:

To set aside all ambiguities and to ensure the buyers the right to information, RERA now makes it mandatory for the builder to lay out every detail of the project to the buyers. The buyer can get to know all about the plans approved, registration details, overall plan of the entire layout, and other specifications. Other minor details including the electricity, water and sanitation management of the building or the layout on the whole would have to be provided to the buyer. And finally, a buyer would also be promised a date of possession and the scheduled date of completion of the project.

Besides the above mentioned points there are also others that prevent builders from exercising discrimination of any form. Though property prices as such would not be influenced by Real Estate Regulation Act, there would be a significant change in the overall process. There is now a standard that is slowly forming. This would prevent rogue builders from bullying any buyers whatsoever. Buyers can also be ensured of better quality construction of their future homes and thus a better value for their money on the whole.

Why to invest in Pre-launch projects in Bengaluru?

Buying a house would be a big leap. Given the ever increasing number of real estate projects and the number of builders, it is often an inundating process to choose one. The purpose for which you buy would play a pivotal role in the decision making process. There are some who buy a home for immediate occupation and then there are those that buy for investment. Whether the house would be your first house or just another additional house that you buy would also matter.

Then comes the big confusion of whether you should buy a resale property from a prior owner or a ready to move in new flat or book a pre-launch property. When we talk about booking pre-launch projects in Bengaluru most people are skeptical about it. Given the lack of clarity offered by some builders and the long delays made by some the skepticism of home buyers is apprehensible. But if you understand the many benefits that pre-launch projects offer you might change your mind.

Benefits of booking pre-launch projects in Bengaluru:

  1. Price discounts offered:

This is definitely the first advantage construed by home buyers when it comes to booking pre-launch projects. The concept is to attract potential home buyers, to stabilize the cash flow and to establish the credibility, builders have the concept of pre-launch or what is called “soft launch”. So if you book pre-launch projects in Bengaluru or any other city for that matter, you are sure to get great discounts. Most builders offer up to 30% discount on the final property value for those who book in the pre-launch phase.

  1. You have more to choose from:

In the pre-launch phase, only 10-20% of the flats in the property might be booked. This gives you better flexibility in choosing a home of your choice. Be it in terms of the Vaastu compliance, the floorplan choices, floor number or closeness to any of the flat facilities, you can choose a house to match all your requirements. But once few houses are booked, once the pre-launch phase is over and there are more buyers, you would have limited choices.

  1. A great investment:

If you do not mind waiting for a few years to move in pre-launch projects are great investments. Especially because of the appreciation value of the project. If you choose one in a potential location, you are sure to get impressive appreciation costs by the time the construction is fully done.

Factors and risks to keep in mind:

Given the many benefits, people still hesitate investing in pre-launch projects mainly because of the risks associated. But if you analyze the results and diligently make a choice you can avert the risks involved.

  1. Track record of the builder:

Choose a credible builder. It is not simply about the flashy ads and the market presence. It is about the track record. Given the risks involved in pre-launch projects it is best to avoid fledgling developers. Choose a builder who has a lot of experience. Choose someone who has a formidable reputation for completing projects on time. Look at the timelines of the previous projects and only choose those that deliver projects on time every time.

  1. Clarity of information:

In the pre-launch phase there might still be some approvals that are pending. But the basic land clearance and licensing might have to be completed. Discuss this with the builder. Now with RERA coming into picture it would ease your decision making to some extent. Choose a builder who would be able to clearly present to you the proposed plan, and the precise time of completion. When it comes to possession dates, ideally choose one that is within 4 years at least. Anything beyond 4 or 5 years might be a bigger risk.

  1. Know the market and the price:

The beauty of the real estate market is that a property value that appears cheap in one area might not be so in the other area. So research the market price in the area that you are looking at. The price quoted for the pre-launch property should ideally be lower than the current price in the market. How much the area would develop within the given time would also matter. Be circumspect about the real estate market trends in that locality before taking a step.

Know the risks and understand the benefits. Pre-launch projects in Bengaluru, especially with the city’s flourishing real estate market is definitely going to make a great investment provided you choose the right builder.

Should You Invest in Commercial or Residential Projects in Bengaluru?

Real estate has always been considered a great investment. This has only been getting better in the recent years. Given that fact, investing in real estate in a more upcoming metro city like Bengaluru would definitely be worth every penny spent.

Talking about the real estate market in the country, if there’s one city that has been holding well, it’s Bengaluru. While there are many cities that have been facing ups, downs and a wide amount of saturation, Bengaluru’s real estate market has always been considered one of the most reliable ones in the recent years. The ever increasing population, the facilities offered by the self-sustained city and the ample job opportunities draw people from all over the country. Bengaluru is a friendly city that welcomes anyone from anywhere with open hands and this character of the city is backed up by its growing real estate market.

Commercial or residential property- which is your best bet?

Well, in a city like Bengaluru which is a business and IT hub, the concept of investing on commercial properties are always in demand and to accommodate those professionals, residential properties are in demand too. So investing in commercial as well as residential can both be beneficial. But when it comes to commercial properties, there are few challenges that stop average investors from jumping to invest in them.

Commercial properties – the good and the not so good:

Though commercial properties might prove their monetizing benefits, in the long run, they do come with an additional capital requirement for investment in the early stages.

The good:

The potential of earnings you can get with a commercial property is pretty stable. It would also most likely be higher than a residential property

If you are investing in a commercial property at the heart of the city or the center of the business hub, you are sure to get a reliable client and a long-term contract for the property.

The not so good:

Given the attractive perks of investing in commercial properties, why do people still hesitate?

Commercial property is pretty difficult to manage single-handedly. If you have a reliable team, the work gets easier. In a city like Bengaluru, finding property management services is also pretty easy but costly. So you can still consider investing in commercial properties, but the challenge persists.



Why Invest in Residential Properties in Bengaluru:

The quality of lifestyle offered by Bengaluru, and not to forget the weather, draw a lot of people to the city. The population of the city has grown many folds in the recent years. So the residential property market in Bengaluru has never truly seen a dull moment.

With the case of residential property, the trends have changed a considerable amount in Bengaluru. After their busy days at the office, people love to return to their own little nest, their own sweet home. And given the price trends, many find it economical to invest in a house and pay EMIs instead of paying monthly rents. The best part here is that though it is a posh metro, one can find houses of all price categories. Affordable luxury is not a distant dream anymore. Getting quality construction and slick interior styling is all made simple with the reliable builders like Habitat Ventures. An added benefit is the new housing scheme introduced known as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), allowing one to receive a subsidy of up to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs when buying their 1st new home. So, owning a premium home becomes something of a pleasant reality.

The city continues to be a home buyer’s paradise. With the increase in the number of premium homes, fully furnished ready to move-in houses, investing in a residential property in Bengaluru continues to be a safe bet according to the market experts. The residential market here is projected to remain stable in the coming years and no noticeable fluctuations are anticipated.

Owning residential properties in Bengaluru also comes with the added perk that the market value keeps increasing at a very steady rate. With the rapid urbanization of the areas surrounding the city, even properties outside the city would soon see a tremendous increase in their value. Even if you choose to relocate, renting out your property in Bengaluru is pretty convenient. Bengaluru also fetches the best rent complying with the property’s value.

Overall, investing in a residential property in Bengaluru ensures that your money goes to the right place. This is particularly true with several new value-for-money residential projects in Bengaluru such as the Habitat Iluminar and Habitat Eden Heights which are located in prime locations within the city.

5 Quick Interior Decoration Tips For Your New Home

Interior decoration is to a house like seasoning is to a main course. Getting it right is crucial, as it is trusted with bringing out all the key elements in the architecture of your house. Interior designing when done right, not only makes your home more aesthetically appealing but also makes sure that it is practical. Poor interior design can make even the largest houses seem clustered and dull, but when done right can make even a tiny apartment seem spacious and practical. Be it a 2/3 BHK apartment even, the right interior design will not only help add a certain sense of grandeur but also make your house more of a home :-)

While hiring a professional interior designer is a sure shot way of ensuring a practical and lively living environment, it is up to you to convey to the designer what exactly your needs are. It is a difficult process as there is no scope for improvement or remodeling until the design has been implemented and used. Whether you are hiring an interior designer or planning to do it yourself, here are five essential points to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Personality

Personality is what makes a home make people go wow! So before sitting yourself down and deciding what to buy for your walls, it’s important to decide what kind of atmosphere you want the room to put out. Whether you require a formal room setting to conduct business or a bright zingy one to make into a game room, it is important to convey it to your designer or make note of it first. Make your own statement and have fun doing it. :-) Always remember that your home is supposed to serve you, and not the other way round. And also remember that the attitude of your home is contagious to anyone who comes to visit.

Tip #2: Wall Colours

This is one standard rule that is so often ignored. It may make sense to first pick a wall colour and then to pick the upholstery and art & rugs. However in retrospect, it’s more ideal to do it the other way round. Elements like upholstery add significantly to factors such as lighting. Given that there are thousands of shades and tints when it comes to paints, it should be understandable that each one looks different from house to house depending on light source. It is ideal to therefore pick the wall colour after all the upholstery and art is in your house. So try not to be surprised if your decorator takes you shopping for rugs before he’s given you the chance to select a wall colour.

Tip #3: Furniture and Rugs

It’s important to pick furniture that matches the personality of your home. A bright pep room calls for arty furniture with bright cushions, where as a more formal setting may require a somber leather seated sofa. Keeping in mind the attitude of the room will take you a long way in looking for furniture. Try to pick contrasting colours for the cushions that you might want to use.

Avoid cluttering furniture on the flood of your living room. The more space you have to move about, the more practical is your home and the more cost effective it is. Decide a focal point of the room and try to ensure that all chairs and sofas point in that direction.

Selecting a rug adds class to any place. You have to decide whether you want a big rug to fit all the furniture, which adds a more luxurious feel, or you could decide to place all furniture off the rug, which is the cost effective way to go.

All the elements are in uniform harmony. All the furniture is on the rug and the lighting along with the wall paint makes the entire room seem spacious and inviting.
All the elements are in uniform harmony. All the furniture is on the rug and the lighting along with the wall paint makes the entire room seem spacious and inviting.


Tip #4: Collectibles and Art

Be strong when selecting what sort of art goes into your home. Don’t stuff a cactus next to your TV stand just because your girlfriend gifted it to you. If a collectible doesn’t fit, there is always a place for it in your attic. Remember that you do not have to worry about your collectibles contrasting the wall colour because as we discussed earlier, wall colour comes later. Make sure that all your art and collectibles are balanced and don’t collide with each other. Also justify to yourself if it fits within the attitude you want for your home and go ahead with it only when you are satisfied. Keep in mind that it’s ideal to hang all art work at about 58 inches from the ground as it is the average human eye level. Try to avoid placing anything striking at the focal points of your furniture arrangement.

Even few collectibles and art, when placed right, bring a room to life.
Even few collectibles and art, when placed right, bring a room to life.

Tip #5: Staying Happy

The perfect home is where the “heart” is, and not where your “art” is. There are very few ways in which you can predict mistakes in your design and it will not come to light until it is implemented. So do not beat yourself up over such things. If you have found something impractical get rid of it. If there is something you think you’d find more practical, implement it, but knowing when to stop takes you a long way to feel good about everything you have worked for.

Appreciate your own efforts and learn from your mistakes to make sure that your coming renovation is that much more fascinating.

And equally important to supplement the well decorated interiors of any home, are its exterior. You want to make sure that the architecture and colors on the outside complement or contrast well with the interiors. Else, it’d end up being like a book that gets misjudged by its cover. The experts usually suggest brighter and more vibrant colors for the exteriors, as we see in the below image of the Habitat Aster apartments, located in Whitefield. Aster is a place where families can enjoy elegant living in well-designed 2 or 3 bedroom homes. A total of 64 finely detailed apartments ranging from 1229 sq. ft. to 1823 sq. ft. To book a 2 or BHK home at Habitat Aster or to know more about Habitat Ventures call +91-80-4146 9220/1 or visit

Habitat Aster's bright yellow and white exteriors are not only visually appealing but are colours that would contrast well with modern interior decor, not to mention the green grass and the blue sky on the outside as well.
Habitat Aster’s bright yellow and white exteriors are not only visually appealing but are colours that would contrast well with modern interior decor, not to mention the green grass and the blue sky on the outside as well.

We hope these quick tips come handy the next time you wanna design your new home or even redesign your existing one. If there are any other interior design tips you follow and would like to share, please do so in the comments section below :-)

How to apply for a home loan and make sure the process is hassle free

Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase anyone will ever make. For most of us it is the ultimate ‘status symbol’, the ultimate ‘we made it’ sign. Everyone realizes buying a new home isn’t easy. It involves a lot of work and effort, sometimes even years of preparation. When the moment finally arrives and we’ve decided on the house of our dreams how does one go about paying for it? Almost everyone opts for a loan, besides the obvious benefits like ease of payment, tax benefits and not blocking up capital, home loans are also easy to apply for, especially with so many banks offering loans. With that being said, as a potential new owner one needs to do a few things that ensure that the home loan approval happens in time and smoothly.

1) Plan within budget: The first step is to plan the budget of your house. As someone going for a home loan do not worry about the project cost, you need to pay closer attention to the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment). Ensure that the EMI is within your budget. This is something the bank looks into as well. When they get your bank statements they cross your earnings to your expenses and saving, and then see how much EMI an individual can afford.


There are many EMI calculators online which can help you plan your spending. Just enter the amount of loan, the tenure, approximate interest rate and voila! Your answer is in front of you :)

2) Keep your documents handy: Buying a new home can be overwhelming; the last thing you need is the stress of running around for documents at the last minute. Save yourself the trouble and keep the documents ready before hand. Most banks ask for more or less the similar documentation like –

  • Identity Proof: Voter’s ID, PAN Card or any photo ID
  • Income Proof: Latest salary slips and Form 16 documents or if you’re are self-employed, last 2 years IT returns and certified computation of income.
  • Proof of residence: Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Telephone bill, Bank account statement, Property documents etc… or other such bills with your name on it can be used.
  • Last 6 months bank statements: Salaried or Self Employees they usually ask for these.
  • Guarantors: Some banks might ask for a guarantor so ask a couple of friends and family and be ready in case the bank asks for it.

Each bank has different requirements so be sure to talk to your loan officer in advance, alternatively you could check out your bank’s site and get that info as well.

3) Track your Credit rating: CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) tracks people’s credit history and allots a rating to them. When purchasing a home, people plan months in advance. This is when you need to start tracking your credit rating. If it needs improvement, this is the best time to do it. Start paying off loans and credit cards on time, & make sure you have no cheque bounces and outstanding payments etc…

 CIBIL Credit Rating Scale

Credit score is rated on a scale of 300 to 900. The higher the rating, the higher the chances of you getting the loan approved. A Credit score of around 800 is ideal, failing which 700 should be the target. For a small fee you can check your CIBIL credit score by logging on to their website.

Additional Tips:

  • Check with your own banker for a loan. Since you already have an savings or current account there getting a loan might be easier.

  • If you are buying an apartment or Villament, try to get the loan through the banks that the builder has tied up with. The banks are aware of the property and this sometimes helps expedite the process.

  • Before you decide on a bank cross check with other banks to ensure that you are getting the best interest rate possible.

Buying a home is a big decision. Don’t let the smaller details of applying for a loan make you sweat. Follow these simple guidelines and you should be in our new house in no time :)