Apartments or Villaments in Bangalore? What’s better for kids?

Kids playing inside a Villament.
Villaments are extremely safe and socially beneficial for growing kids.

In today’s fact-paced and competitive world, we are all concerned about our kids growing up in the right community. A big part of that is attributed to where they live. It’s the experiences they gather here that define their future. And as protective parents we all want to give our children the best tools to help them succeed.

Families have long considered moving into apartments as a safe haven for their kids considering the features some of the apartment complexes offer. However, villaments in Bangalore are beginning to change that trend and are quickly becoming the top destination for families with kids. Listed below are a few of the reasons we found people considering villaments over regular apartments.

1. Gated Community: Most apartment complexes usually have a tower or two constructed with a small wall around the apartment complex. On the up side a villament usually has multiple towers and are usually placed upon larger land spaces.  Villaments in Bangalore have far better security measures with a gated community system in place. Getting in and out of the Villament complex would not be easily possible for a stranger or visitor. Ensuring you wouldn’t have to worry too much when your kid is out playing in the community garden or other public places within the Villament.

2. Extra-curricular activities: In today’s highly competitive world, kids need to be future ready by sharpening their social skills, amongst others. Having a Community Hall and Community Garden within walking distance, ensures your kids interact and socialize with other like minded people boys and girls.

Swimming pools at villaments
Villaments, like most apartments, come with well maintained swimming pools.

3. Skill Development: No longer do you have to travel long distances just to place your kids in camps, hoping they pick up the right skill. Villaments offer various high-end amenities like a swimming pool, basketball court or in certain  Villaments in Bangalore, even a tennis court. And with these at your family’s disposal, you can be sure that your kids get all the training they want, when they want it and however often they want it.

4. No surface-vehicle-movement:  Take Habitat Crest’s Villaments in Whitefield, Bangalore for example, architects have designed the entire place in such a way that there is absolutely no vehicular movement at the surface level. Vehicles enter a subterrestrial driveway right from the gates to their individual  Villaments in Bangalore. This doesn’t just reduce the air pollution; it also ensures the roads are kept safe from any speeding or negligent drivers.

5. Location, location, location: Life in a gated community is good, but what happens when you step out? Unlike most apartment complexes, Habitat Ventures’ Crest Villament has been strategically placed amidst international schools, hospitals, malls, hotels and other essential hot spots. Here’s a list of a few of those  hot-spots:

Hospitals & Schools
1. Sri Sathya Sai Super Specialty Hospital
2. Brookefield Hospital
3. Ryan International School
4. Gopalan International School
5. Delhi Public School

Hotels & Malls
1. Zuri Hotel
2. Marriott
3. Vivanta by Taj
4. Forum Value Mall
5. Phoenix Market City

Theatres & Tech Parks
1. PVR Cinema
2. Fame Cinema
4. Brigade Tech Park
5. Prestige Shantiniketan

Also, within close vicinity are the Whitefield rail station, bus stand and proposed Metro station.

As parents we want to ensure our kids have all the tools necessary, in order to create a great future for themselves. A villament brings you as many of these tools which a dream home possibly can, and more! And it does so without you having to sacrifice on the quality or standard of your life and your family’s well being 🙂

What are your thoughts about children’s safety and betterment in Bangalore today? Apart from a safe home, what else do you feel contributes to a child’s successful upbringing? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Images Credit: Philippe Put

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